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Luxury apartments with 3 rooms

Luxury harmony in spacious and bright apartments sufragerie superba apartament 3 camere iasi copou Western residential in Copou cum arata o sufragerie de lux in Copou Iasi Modern, spacious living room
and comfortable!
baie moderna apartament 3 camere iasi copou Luxury bathroom, premium comfort in the apartment

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The PEARL, Iasi

Copou, street Profesor Antonin Ciolan

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Description luxury apartments with 3 rooms at the Pearl

The Pearl luxury apartments with 3 rooms will be perfect for people that love comfort, safety, privacy, and generous space. Designed with high-performing air ventilation and filtration system, Pearl building will offer residents access to fresh and clean air. This system is unique in Iasi, especially in residential use. In addition, apartments will have air conditioning systems, perfect for those hot summer days.

Say goodbye to pollution when you are at home! The little ones will breathe in the fresh air, perfect for their healthy development. The Pearl residents can choose ground apartments with big gardens, where they can practice yoga, sports, and meditation in complete privacy.

Every apartment with 3 rooms will have 2 bathrooms, for additional flexibility within the family. Charm specialists designed each space with quality materials and dedication unmatched in Iasi. Rejoice in our passion for refined buildings, with premium details and amazing elements.

 Green and spacious gardens for ground floor apartments

 Terraces (covered and uncovered) and spacious balconies

 High quality furniture for bathrooms, kitchens and doors

 Marble and floor tiles imported from Italy

 Access to five charging stations for electric cars

Air conditioning systems (hidden) for every apartment

 Underground parking and concierge service

 Covered by Charm quality warranty

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Available apartments

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Luxury apartments with 2 rooms

sufragerie spatioasa si eleganta apartament cu 2 camere iasi An excellent real estate opportunity in Copou o sufragerie superba apartament 2 camere copou iasi Spacious, comfortable, with natural light Modern open space design with SMART systems bucatarie moderna apartament cu 2 camere High-performance air filtration system

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The PEARL, Iasi

Profesor Antonin Ciolan Street, near Viticultori Street, Copou

For additional details about the project, call us at: 0735848460


Monday – Friday: 08:00-16:30

Saturday – Sunday: 08:00-12:00

Description apartments with two rooms at the Pearl, Copou, Iasi

Two rooms’ apartments at the PEARL will reunite impressive attention to detail, in order to permit new owners to enjoy a modern and stylish lifestyle. Large spaces will greet natural light in order to ensure proper liberty to move, work and have fun inside the apartment without fear of confinement. Enjoy luxury apartments, unique in Iasi, amazing to live in!

Equipped with professional air conditioning systems, fully furnished (baths, kitchens, doors) and with oak wood parquet (18 mm thick), Pearl apartments become “home” faster than you can say “Jolly Rodger”. In addition, rejoice in the fact that the building has integrated a professional system for ventilating and filtrating air. Breathe in fresh air without opening any windows, day and night. Talk about something unique.

Charm Specialists ensure modern living, with luxury and premium refinement. You can be a part of a special community in Copou, and form friendships with neighbors that share common values. Buy a luxury apartment destined to become home, far from pollution or stress!

Residents have access to a beautiful pool and modern gym!

 Professional concierge service!

 Advanced air filtration system!

Air conditioning for every apartment!

High quality marble and faience, imported from Italy!

Tall ceiling, natural light due to the 2.2 m windows!

Underground parking lot and green spaces!

Access to five charging stations for electric cars!

Spacious gardens, stylish balconies and private terraces!

Blueprint apartments

Apartments with two rooms available in the building

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Luxury residential project in Copou – The Pearl

The Pearl, Copou, Profesor Antonin Ciolan Street, Iasi

apartament de lux de cumparat in copou

Luxury apartments in Copou

unde gasiti un apartament de lux in copou iasi Indoor pool
investitie imobiliara in copou apartamente lux Western refinement
Western facilities
Slide Welcome home!

Profesor Antonin Ciolan Street

Luxury apartments with 2, 3, 4 and 5 rooms

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The Pearl, Iasi

Profesor Antonin Ciolan Street

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Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:30

Saturday – Sunday: 08:00 – 12:00

Ten reasons to choose an apartment in The Pearl


Every Charm construction embeds quality in all aspects.


All constructions must resist daily use and weather effects.


Intelligent use of time on-site for quality results.

Smart homes

Modern residential projects have smart systems.


Our houses and apartments reflect our passion for comfort.


We do our best to make sure new owners feel at home after purchasing our apartments.


Charm Properties uses occidental working principles to get the job done on time.


Our apartments are spacious and with gardens, balconies and terraces.

Quality materials

Every single Charm construction will use only quality materials.

Charm Premium Warranty

Owners of our residential projects benefit from the Charm Warranty.

Project description

Elegance. Style. Beauty. A unique residential concept in the Moldova region

The Pearl Copou is a luxury residential project in Iasi, unique in its particularities and vision. Charm Properties, a developer that employs a skilled labor force, develops the project located on Profesor Antonin Ciolan, Copou. We work with creative specialists, capable of creating a luxury building with exclusive apartments, where people can feel at home day and night. Luxury at its purest form is present in every Pearl apartment.

Charm community completely transforms the feeling of living in an apartment. You will be surrounded by green spaces and the gentle touch of Copou. Situated at only 15 minutes (by car) away from the city center, The Pearl residential project is the ideal home for families, professionals, creative people, IT specialists, and in general, persons that love luxury life, safety, comfort, smart systems, and uniqueness.

Among some of the most important traits of The Pearl residential building, you can find an interior pool, gym and fitness area, sauna, showers, concierge, air conditioning for each apartment, high-performing air ventilation, and filtration system. In addition, we should mention the smart systems present in the building, five charging stations for electric cars, and other unique decorative elements that make living a pleasure.


 Spacious apartments with natural light due to the ceiling to floor windows

 Smart systems: light, heating air conditioning, multimedia control and smart appliances

 Professional concierge service

 Modern gym and fitness area

Showers, sauna and locker rooms

Interior swimming and relaxation pool

Five charging stations for electric cars

Advanced air ventilation and filtration system

Underground parking lot

Luxury decoration and modern furniture

Available apartments

Available apartment type

Luxury apartments with 2 rooms

Available apartment type

Luxury apartments with 3 rooms

Available apartment type

Luxury apartments with 4 rooms

A Smart residential project in Iasi

The PEARL in Copou is a stunning building with spacious apartments that capture natural light through the tall windows (ceiling to floor, 2.2 m). Every apartment will be fitted with beautiful furniture and equipped with oak floors (18 mm), for extra safety and durability. In addition, The PEARL apartments benefit from modern air ventilation and filtration system, unique in Iasi.

The Pearl apartments have smart systems, which owners can use to control lighting, heating, and other systems. Control with ease all aspects of your life, without putting in any effort whatsoever. Smart comfort makes the difference between pleasant living and one without comparison.

Enjoy the little pleasures of life in a stylish community! We have a special place for you in Iasi!

1. Interior pool and gym for active residents

2. Spacious apartments, with air conditioning and filtration system

3. Concierge service

4. Five charging stations for residents with electric cars

5. Underground parking

Location and features

Blueprint residential project

Copou spacious apartments for sale

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About the area

A fantastic location in Copou

Located in one of the most desired areas in Iasi, Copou, the newest residential project from Charm Properties, ensures fast connections with some of the most important objectives in the city. “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University is 9 minutes away. “Emil Alexandrescu” stadium and “Anastasie Fatu” botanic garden are only 8 minutes away. The Pearl residents can enjoy a quiet area, where nature and beautiful landscapes still embrace everyone. At only 20 minutes away by car, you can enjoy the social and shopping events brought forth by Palas Mall.

When it comes to the most important transport means, you should know that Iasi international airport is 22 minutes away by car and Nord Train Station is 15 away (time references that can be influenced by traffic). In Copou, you will find many interesting restaurants, where locals eat and drink with delight. Romanian and international cuisine is at your doorstep.

Incredible comfort in the Charm community

The Pearl is a residential project that enhances the quality of life. Our residential project offers users the possibility to access amazing facilities, some quite unique in Iasi. The interior pool, gym, sauna, fitness area, concierge service, and advanced air ventilation and filtration system will greet residents every single day. In addition, all apartments come equipped with air conditioning systems, for amazing thermic comfort during hot summer days.

Shops in Copou are very close to the Pearl, which is amazing when you run out of bread or you want to take a quick walk to buy something sweet. The Copou and Expozitiei parks are ideal places for strolls with friends and family. The legend of Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu echoes the green park of Copou. When it is quiet, you could hear his poems, among the trees.

Modern Intelligence

Irrespective of the apartment you choose from The Pearl, you will benefit from light, generous space, fresh air, and intelligent systems. Personal cars are protected in the underground parking lot, from weather issues or thievery. Pearl apartments have ceiling to floor windows (2.20 meters) and oak parquet (18 mm thick). Furthermore, each apartment is handed over to the new client fully furnished (bathrooms, kitchens, and premium doors). On-demand, Charm specialists offer interior decoration services.

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    We protect the environment

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    We care about the environment and the effects of pollution on people living in Iasi. To this particular end, we encourage the use of electric cars and we donate to organizations with programs to protect the environment. The Pearl residents that have or are about to buy electric cars, can use one of the five charging stations.

    In addition, we will develop green spaces, where residents can relax and forget about stress. We have strict quality and safety policy on site. Every residential project in Iasi, under the special care of Charm specialists, will undergo the strictest safety and protection conditions.