Guided by quality, from start to finish

We are Charm Properties

Charm Properties is a Romanian developer, specialized in building premium houses and apartment blocks in Iasi and surrounding areas. We love to develop long-term projects, where people can live with delight and without worrying about the work quality. Charm specialists have the necessary expertise to build residential projects and we deliver professionalism in every single finalized project. We delight future owners with modern places that include quality materials and special attention to detail.

We focus on residential projects with the capacity to add value to the Romanian real-estate market. Our aim is to build apartment buildings that last and premium house which deliver comfort, safety and family tranquility every single day. You can buy Charm apartments and houses for personal residential use but also as real-estate investments. In addition, each building embeds our premium expertise, accumulated in the last 18 years in England. Future members of the Charm community will benefit from our professionalism and dedication to quality.

Our motto “Beyond Premium Buildings – Luxury Homes” reflects our passion for irresistible construction, where comfort and attention to detail make you fulfilled and happy to be at home!

Charm Passion for luxury construction

Charm Properties team uses the accumulated expertise in the last couple of years in Great Britain in order to create residential projects that include houses and apartment buildings. In Iasi and Cluj Napoca, our team delivers amazing projects, with special emphasis on quality materials, smart use of spaces, the safety of places, comfort, and resistance in time. Every residential will impress and delight future owners. The charm of our properties resists due to our Charm specialists, which are capable of creating amazing places. Be ready for irresistible refinement in every single space!

From choosing the building site, planning to drafting the design, working to build every floor, and adding the last final additions, Charm workers are careful to deliver the best results possible. The building cycle of every residential project, premium houses in Iasi, or any other project, includes different challenges and phases.

Our approach implies 100% dedication in accomplishing all tasks, from start to finish. We respect the current legislation and work principles on-site, in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly and without any delays.

Our objective in Romania

We strongly believe in creating dream houses and incredible apartments. New owners should fall in love with them on site. The expertise we accumulated along the years, working on a wide range of construction projects in Great Britain and recently in Iasi and Cluj Napoca, represents the quality guide needed to build long-lasting homes, capable of defining neighboring areas. The industry is complex and dynamic, and as a developer, we need to offer clients the best housing solutions.

All members of Charm Properties are bound by one unshakable truth: we have to deliver quality construction, with occidental rigor and Romanian passion. We identify unique development opportunities, even in unexpected places, and transform such areas into investments.

We innovate and place an accent on long-lasting quality. In addition, we fully use every ability in our arsenal in order to cultivate partnerships with the residents of our buildings. Clients that buy apartments or houses from us, receive Charm warranty and benefit from our dedicated support. This connection with clients has helped us to create active and close communities, which share common values.

Sustainable development and care for the environment determine us to be extra careful during all moments of the building process. Clients will recognize from start the particular care that we have. We want to build a sustainable future!