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Residential project The Pearl, Copou, Iasi

Unique residential project in Modova: modern and spacious apartments, indoor pool, gym and 5 charging stations for electric cars

Safety, Professionalism and efficiency: Charm Properties Real Estate developer in Iasi

The perfect balance between urban, modern, and vibrant life starts at home. Blending a dynamic lifestyle with sublime comfort represents the core objective of Charm Properties in every single house and apartment built in Romania. People living in Iasi that are searching for a relaxed, joyous, and comfortable living style can discover the vibrant personalities of our residential projects.

We are determined to develop premium projects, for people that love to live in houses and apartments of great quality. We are delighted to greet new owners with constructions that respond to the strictest quality demands, resistance to weather changes, and meet all regulations regarding hygiene, safety, thermic isolation, comfort, and nature.

Why should you choose one of our residential projects? Charm Specialists have accumulated building experience and interior design expertise in Great Britain. In London, Oxford, Birmingham, and other cities we had the pleasure of working on amazing public and private projects. Now, we decided to develop unique and beautiful real estate projects in Iasi, with specific access to quality, professionalism, and durable efficiency. We select each location for our projects with attention because we want them to enjoy the city and nature.

Ten quality guarantees for each real estate project


Every single Charm construction is accompanied by quality in all aspects, from the foundation to the tiniest decorative details before the construction is handed to its new owner. We work with attention during each construction phase in order to ensure that the new owner is happy with its purchase. Find a modern and refined place to call home.


A construction has to withhold the pressure of daily use and weather challenges. Charm specialists work with English precision to deliver the best constructions possible. The main advantage of a Charm construction is that it will embed the latest technologies and high quality materials, so that owners will feel safe and comfortable every single day.


We optimize every moment spent on site. Our workers perform well and managers make sure that everything runs smoothly. Once finished, projects are double-checked. This is how; we make sure that the new owner will love its purchase.

Smart Homes

Modern residential projects put a lot of emphasis on smart systems, regarding safety, protection, and multimedia access. The concept of the smart home is relatively new in Iasi, but growing in popularity. Ieseans want to live in safe, modern and interactive houses. All Charm projects are accompanied by smart and safe systems.


Our apartments and houses reflect Charm’s passion for comfort and beauty. Live in a home, where rooms respond to modern and fluid needs. What we build lasts and include systems and elements bent on significantly enhancing comfort levels experienced every day.


We do our best to make sure that every resident of our projects, become part of select communities, where common sense, responsibility and respect harmonizes social interactions. Our charming communities grow to become social efficiency landmarks. Become part of a unique community!


We build dream homes and apartments, where owners can feel amazing. Our specialists develop amazing projects. This is how we offer people the chance to buy and live in incredible homes. Feel the joy of moving into a beautiful house.

English expertise in Romania

Charm Properties works on occidental ethics and principles. With a construction expertize of over 18 years in England, we promise to deliver quality in everything that we build. During these years, we were able to create a portfolio of happy clients. We have strict working rules that always helped us to build high quality homes and apartment buildings.

Quality materials

Every single Charm building is done with quality materials, carefully selected after extensive analysis. We use local materials, encouraging Romanian firms to grow, but also special materials from U.E states. Our goal is to make sure that all constructions meet Charm’s quality and safety standards.

Charm Premium Guarantee

Every resident of residential projects realized by Charm Properties benefits from Premium Charm Guarantee. This is the testament of quality construction and commitment from our specialists, that the new owner will live in premium apartments and homes!

Real estate projects in progress Iasi

In the biggest city in the Moldova region, Iasi, we have prepared exceptional residential projects. Our constructions will respond to a growing demand for quality homes and apartments. Charm Properties objective is to build stunning homes, where people could live with joy. This is why we took it upon ourselves to build apartment buildings with 2, 3, 4, and 5 rooms and also luxury houses. We invite you to discover them and thus pick the ideal project for your needs!

News from the real estate market in Iasi

The real-estate market in Iasi is constantly evolving, daring developers to innovate and clients to incline towards certain architectural trends. We will analyze the latest trends in the local and regional real estate market, trying to create future projects, where people will feel at home. Future perspectives vary from spacious apartments, comfortable and resistant to daily use, to unique projects, with Scandinavian, English, or Mediterranean designs. Trends change but as seasoned developers, we make it our top priority to keep up with them.

Follow our news and blog section to discover interesting things about some of the most beautiful residential projects in Iasi and not only.

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